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Wipro Interview Questions
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iam new to i want to know what are fact tables, dimension tables in bank domain...if any body knows plz tell me asap..

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what is the c source code for the below output? 5555555555 4444 4444 333 333 22 22 1 1 22 22 333 333 4444 4444 5555555555


What is the database testing?

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How would you do the ollowing Security Testing for web application? 1) Authentication. 2) Authorization. 3) cookies. 4) penetration testing. 5) session testing. 6) encryption and decryption testing

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what is the main difference between power devices and signal devices


In c programming typeing to occupy the variables in memory space. if not useing the variable the memory space is wasted.ok, how to avoid the situation..? (the variable is used & notused)


which fields comes under SRS?

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Integrating Testing Own example

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main() { int y=10; if(y++>9 && y++!=10 && y++>10) { printf("%d",y); else printf("%d",y); } }

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How to perform action on objects, If two objects have the almost the same name ? example : Object 1 : "Entry of Items" Object 2 : "Items" Whenever I ask QTP to perform an action on Object 2 it performs action on Object 1. Note: The two objects are present in an Oracle Application tree.

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Why do we use Process On Value Request(POV) event instead of data element,search help in module pool.

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What is the use of Testing framework in Automated testing..what are different kinds of Testing frameworks available in Automated testing..


write a program to reverse the words in the sentence.NOTE:not reverse the entire string but just the occurance of each word

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solaris Run level?

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boot process?

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Wipro Interview Questions

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In which tables receopt application form Appliy to field Value will come. I know one table i.e, ra_customer_trx.trx_number. Could U please any one tell me other than this except(ra_customer_trx and ar_payment_schedules_all tables). plz mentioned tables_name.Column_name.


What is xml vs html?


Define IPO?


How is the income statement linked to the balance sheet?


What is UML state diagram?


What the difference is between continue and next sentence?


What does @bean do in spring?


What is command parameter in ssrs?


When can infinite loop occur in a plugin. How do you avoid infinite loops in the plugin code?


What is rdbms with diagram?


How are rows and columns labelled in ms excel?


Which objects are independent transport objects?


What are the Exception Methods in salesforce?


What is the base class from which all value types are derived?


Tell me what are the qualifiers in c?