tel me any 2 regular expressions with example

tel me any 2 regular expressions with example..

Answer / shyambabu

int ereg ( string $pattern , string $string [, array
&$regs ] )
Date Format:YYYY-MM-DD
if (ereg ("([0-9]{4})-([0-9]{1,2})-([0-9]{1,2})", $date,
$regs)) {
echo "$regs[3].$regs[2].$regs[1]";
prints in format
} else {
echo "Invalid date format: $date";

string ereg_replace ( string $pattern , string
$replacement , string $string )

$num = '4';
$string = "This string has four words.";
$string = ereg_replace('four', $num, $string);
echo $string; /* Output: 'This string has 4 words.'

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