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Accenture Manual Testing Interview Questions
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diff b/w stress testing and load testing?

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plz explain me Deployment process


what is v-model.why you are using v-model?& v-model follow parallelly approach is it correct?

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What is prior review?

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What is Standalone testing?

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if google wants to introduce the third button along with "search" and "iam feeling lucky",what u will propose and how will u test it?

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What is reliable testing? Give me an example

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what is the differance between functionality and functional testing?

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if the defect is not reproducible then what u give the status in quality center

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You're in the execution phase and after executing many test're not able to find any defect..not even a single defect. What will you do?

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Hi all, Currently i have completed 2 years in Accenture@manual testing. i have ISTQB CTFl certification too. I have fair idea on J2EE programming too. I have basic knowledge on mainfreame testing and QTP also. So with these skills how much package will be offered if we opt to switch the company...Please suggest me folks

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Can anyone tell me the test scenario for railway reservation online booking. I need all test scenario.... please friends help me.

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If planned effort and actual effort is same, then how to calculate the effort variance ??

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What is the role of Testing Engineering in a product company

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In cycle 1 we have 100 test cases out of which 95 test cases are PASS and 5 test cases are FAIL. So in cycle 2 how many test cases performed as a part of regression testing?


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Accenture Manual Testing Interview Questions

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