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Accenture Accounting General Interview Questions
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P2P cycle with which accounts get effected at each stage

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When will the cash Book have a Credit Balance?

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What is the full form of GAAP?

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Sale of Rs.10000, where in 50% is on credit and there 10% discount on the immediete payment. Pass a journal entry for this

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Examples each for golden rules of accounting

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what are the supporting documents of expenses?

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I have faced so many interview in top compinies and I have been asked, why are looking for change or why you want to leave your current employer or give the reason to leave the current company. So could you please advice what should be answer on these question, as i have been rejected so many time due these question.

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we have registered to MCCIA(Maratta Chember of Commerce Ind & Agri.).They given a Tax Invoice against this registration with charging service tax@10.3%.can we take credit of this service charge ?


The Actual Rent was 12000,in the month of Feb i had paid 15000 and in the month of march i had paid 3000. Pass the necessary Journal entry for this.

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What is bank reconcilation a/c

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I'am accountant working in a trading concern. I wish to become an accountant in a manufacturing/construction company.are there any books available in the market from which I can get an Idea as to how accounts are prepared and maintained for a manufacturing/construction company.


Explain the impact of working capital in general business activities?

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how to make budgeting ?

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what is sox?

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Accenture Accounting General Interview Questions

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