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Accenture SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions
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PLease send Me SAP-HR Interviw Questions and FAQ's.

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any one please tell me which wages types are to be copied for Indian Payroll. and also tell me how to run indian payroll

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How do you map various functions of HR in SAP?

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If i will not select u then what u will do ?

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why sholud i hire u

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who is ur role model and why u choose she/he

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what do u know about ACCENTURE and why do u want to join in it.

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What is the integration between HR and other modules. wt is the configuration of this one.

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What is the difference between the Positive time recording and negative time recording in without time evaluation?

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How do you get data from your client? What is the Landscape of the client? How do you get tickets in support? What is retro-active accounting? How do we get it done? What Payscale Grade was implemented in your company? Which Testing was done in your project? How is Time data transferred? What is the use of LMSW?

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do we modify the customized Schema (U000), and what might be the reason to modify... usually what are the custom PCR we in US PAYROLL

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while working as a Junior consultant(working under a senior consultant)Tell me a difficult situation you have faced and how you solved it? What documents you have referred and documents you have Updated?What was team member's and team leader's reactions to the situation and the way you solved it?


Have you faced any situation where you are working on one module and at the same time had to work on a different module. how did you cope with such a situation? Give me an example.(plse answer this question as if you are a junior consultant)


Tell me a situation where you have to handle huge amount of raw data in your implementation and how you handled it?


tell me a situation where you have faced a conflict in your team? who resolved the problem? If u did how did u do that? If Someone else did What was your reaction?


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Accenture SAP HR (Human Resource Management) Interview Questions

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