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Accenture Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How a synchronous generator practically work? what is the function of avr(automatic voltage regulator)in synchronous generator?how the connection of avr to the generator made practically?please give me the answer.

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why do we generate only 3ph ac?is it possible to generate 4ph,5ph,....?

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1. what is difference between VCB and its works please explian.

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Power factor =1.000 at factory in supply. However, PF = 0.8 at motor end. Current = 100 Amp, Voltage = 400 V. What is the power distribution loss? Can I reduce it by adding capacitor at the load feeder?


why abcd parameters are called as transmission parameter?

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how many maximum nos of add on contact we shd provide on 4 no contactor

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What are the layers of protection over armoured cables?

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what is the difference b/w ground & virtual ground?


if a 3 point starter is not available, how can a dc motor be started?

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3 phase =440v single phase = 230v 2 phase =?

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How many kinds of E.L.C.B and how to work E.L.C.B


Multi-step core is used in transformer to: A) Increase the output B) Decrease the cost of core material C) Decrease the cost of copper D) Increase the efficiency

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Accenture Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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