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Accenture IMS Interview Questions
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I have PCB with structure: PCB TYPE=DB, C DBDNAME=EMPCADBD, C KEYLEN=18, C PROCOPT=LS SENSEG NAME=EMPLOYEE, C PARENT=0 SENSEG NAME=COMPDTL, C PARENT=EMPLOYEE SENSEG NAME=BANKDTL, C PARENT=COMPDTL SENSEG NAME=SALDTLS, C PARENT=BANKDTL SENSEG NAME=EDUCDATA, C PARENT=EMPLOYEE SENSEG NAME=EMERDETL, C PARENT=EDUCDATA SENSEG NAME=ADDRESS, C PARENT=EMPLOYEE ************************************************************ *********** PSBGEN PSBNAME=PSBCALDP,LANG=COBOL END Requirement is to Create a report based on Salary brackets. ( Use SSA’s for logic) · It should have CTCGROSS brackets and No of employees o Employee names falling in each bracket Salary < 100,000 No of Employees Employee-Name Level 100,000 < Salary < 300,000 No of Employees Employee-Name Level 300,000 < Salary No of Employees Employee-Name Level

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what is the maximumm length of account information in job card of a jcl?

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Accenture IMS Interview Questions

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