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Accenture Taxation Interview Questions
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What is the present rate of T.D.S and what is the tax for person salary at present

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What is the difference between income year, financial year and FBT year?

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what is the diffrence between tds and vat?

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What is difference btween Form-cForm-D,Form- h,excise,MODVAT, VAT? How many types of forms available?

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can we purchase software agaist Form under In the telecommunications network; or


what is the entry for bad debts?

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During the financial year if i had made CST purchase in may 2011 Rs.200000/-, in july 2011 Rs.150000/-, in august 2011 Rs.100000/- so for the above transaction i have to obtain three C forms for each transactions now let me clear that by providing relevent details to the Tax department when they will provide me the c forms for the above transactions?

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We had tax audit in our tour company. After examination of our tax account they have given us out standing tax liabilities in two type (1) corporate Tax (2) Vat. Now question is that in which ledger these liabilities will come and how should I pass entry for both in accounts. Kindly request to you please answer me

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Accenture Taxation Interview Questions

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