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Accenture SAP Security Interview Questions
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what is temp role and copy role ?

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how to create new authorization object?

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how to adjust user master records?

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how to transport roles?

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what are various user types

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which ticketing tool you are using?

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how to get ticket from end user?

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What is the differrence b/w Copy Roles and Derived Roles ?

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Hi This is Prakash . Can any one tell me what is the use of SU24 and SU25 transaction code exactly

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What are the issues will face while creating user in the system ?

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Does anyone know what kind of questions does the Accenture asks on Interview as SAP Security Consultant?

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i need to give authorisation to a user to su01 tcode but the delete options should not work..i,e the user should be able to Create,disp,change etc but not delete on su01. how cam i do this?

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what is workprocess thresholdtime?

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hOW many users limit in su10

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Accenture SAP Security Interview Questions

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