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Accenture Manual Testing Interview Questions
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can u give me the test scenario template and one example test scenario?

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is smoke testing is perform before realease Product

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How to test a Falsh player scrollings?


DESCRIBE s/w quality assurence &s/w quality control

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what is regression testing and what is system testing? whaen we will do the regression testing and when we will do the system testing?

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Can anyone tell me what is meant by "Mainframes Testing"? Also, Plz let me know what r all d responsibilities of a Manual Tester in Mainframes Testing? Plzzz reply!!

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What is the difference between White Box testing and Unit Testing?

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What is meant by Risk Analysis?

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What is the difference b/w Smoke and Sanity Testing? I heard that Sanity testing will be done by developers. Is that so?

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Very Important Note for all the Testers!!! As the S/w Boom is getting considerably decreased...

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how do you manage the testing for enhancement projects

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What is RTM

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How to explian the V model. Diagram not required but iwant the answer gnerally No Diagram explanation plzzzzzzzzzz..

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What is your Expected CTC? Should I tell my expected salary or say as per company norms? Tell me proper answer for it?

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Can anyone explain Boundary value Analysis and equavelance partition with real time example

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Accenture Manual Testing Interview Questions

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