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Accenture General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Gir National Park is in the State of??.. A. Gujarat B. Rajasthan C. Maharashtra D. Madhya Pradesh

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The least perfect square number which is divisible by 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 is (a) 900 (b) 1600 (c) 2500 (d) 3600

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RBI in its monetary and credit policy has reduced the Cash Reserve Ratio for the second half of 1999-2000 by one percent. With this reduction, present level of CRR stands at 1 11% 2 10% 3 9% 4 8%

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The only developing country to win the right to impose sanctionhs on a G-7 trading partner through the WTO dispute settlement mechanism in the famous ?banana disputes? is 1 Brazil 2 India 3 Columbia 4 Ecuador

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Accenture General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions

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