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Accenture SAS Interview Questions
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what is the SAS/ACCESS and SAS/CONNECT?

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What SAS statements would you code to read an external raw data file to a DATA step?

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How do you read in the variables that you need?

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Are you familiar with special input delimiters? How are they used?

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If reading a variable length file with fixed input, how would you prevent SAS from reading the next record if the last variable didn’t have a value?

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What is the difference between an informat and a format? Name three informats or formats.

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Name and describe three SAS functions that you have used, if any?

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How would you code the criteria to restrict the output to be produced?

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What is the purpose of the trailing @? The @@? How would you use them?

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Under what circumstances would you code a SELECT construct instead of IF statements?

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What statement do you code to tell SAS that it is to write to an external file? What statement do you code to write the record to the file?

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If reading an external file to produce an external file, what is the shortcut to write that record without coding every single variable on the record?

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If you’re not wanting any SAS output from a data step, how would you code the data statement to prevent SAS from producing a set?

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What is the one statement to set the criteria of data that can be coded in any step?

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Have you ever linked SAS code? If so, describe the link and any required statements used to either process the code or the step itself.

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Accenture SAS Interview Questions

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