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Accenture Unix General Interview Questions
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What is RC (return code)? What is useful for? Which are the common values?

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What does "bulk loading of a table" mean? Can you describe advantages or disadvantages of using these features?

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What is a "parameter card" and what is useful for?

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Suppose you have a scheduling chain where the process 1 is a predecessor of the process 2 and both of them are scheduled every Monday at 8.00pm. Will I find execution log of process 1 every Tuesday morning? And what about the other one? Why?

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how to find multiple string?

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following two file are file a file b 110 aab 330 xxl i want the output like file a fileb 110 xxl 330 aab give solution ?

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how do display only hidden files in unix?

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Assume that there are two different filesystems as /abc and /xyz. There is a file A under filesystem /abc which has to be linked to filesystem /xyz. Which link will you use - soft link or hard link? why?

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Accenture Unix General Interview Questions

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