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Accenture SAP FI CO Interview Questions
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What is document type, and what does it control? Examples.

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What is field status group, what does it control?

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How are revenues dealt with cost center accounting?

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What is Born in sale?

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what is activity type?

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What is the T Code for Uploading the Bulk Vendor master data ?

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I wish to know the total procudure tht we follow for suppot project. i.e how we get the tickets and how we will send back to the client and the tool we use . ? and whts mainlly difference between 4.7 eee and 6.0 ecc and wht does ecc mean.?

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How do you calculate balance interest calculation in GL.

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Periodic Processing in Controlling

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With out invoice ceation can we delivery the stock to Customer. If Yes - How , What is the process.( when the credit limit exceeds)

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Disadvantages of Distribution in Controlling

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what is the data associated while uploding data using lsmw?

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what is a a/c type?what r they?where we use it?where can we find it after that?

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posting keys has given morthan 1 for other than gl acconts . why they have given like that?

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how many profit centers can be assigned in a cost center?

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Accenture SAP FI CO Interview Questions

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Hello Everbody....this saturday i attended the interview of times job fair...were capgemini has called me for technical round ..I am bcom graduate with tally an SAP FICO....Can any body help me ... I wan to know what is this technical round...An what they may ask me ......if any body have question an answer kindly send to my id ..that is contact me to my number ..+919900410314.Or any body have friends working in capgemini bangalore?Please i need urgent help...thnak you with regards adnan hasan


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