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Accenture SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Interview Questions
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could you guys please tell me the most frequently asked interview questions about sap crm. Ofcourse please suggest me with answers.

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What is connectivity in SAP crm?

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what is functionality?

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why do u do bp search?

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tell me about Landscape?

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why we do customization in org?

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what do sap crm consultants do in realtime

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How can we copy attributes(selected only) from Campiagn to Marketing.


how to enhance bp? how many tabs are their in navigation bar? whether sap consultant work on development server or testing server? can we download data from datasets/infosets? how many types of campaign are their?

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What is the standard transaction type for quatation ?

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7)what are the different sources through which BP enters into the CRM system?

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How to send emails Target gorup ( Customers) in Email Compaign Pramotion? pls send crm intervivw questions


How to activate/deactivate work centers?

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1)how will control the item category determination


Q)1. in partner determination procedure how can we make mandatory of business partenrs like sold to party ship to party what are the settings we use Q)2. after replicating the employe from r/3 system employee is not visible in crm system what are reasons? Q) email campaign what are communication settings we do?


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Accenture SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Interview Questions

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