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Accenture Data Stage Interview Questions
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Hi All, Could you please let me know whether Datastage server and px supports oredb? OREDB:It's a Oracle Retail Embedded Database.Previousely It was called as Acumate data base. It's a multidimensional database. Please help me on this issue ASAP. Thanks in advance Ashok

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what is Audit table?Have u use audit table in ur project?

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How can you find out whether datastage process is running or not in unix?

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when will you go for dataset and fileset?

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how can i abort the job if i get more than 100 errors in job log?

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wt is the diff b/w odbc and oracle stage

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1.i have 5 jobs(1-5),i connect with each other,i want run from 3-5 only how? to schedual the job in datastage7.5 2? what is the deff bet grip and fgrep command? how do you cleanse the data in your project

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how can i get 2nd highest salary in datastage?can u send me ,thanQ 2)if i had source has 2 records 1st record ie 1st column contains 1,2,3 and 2nd coulmn contains 10,10,10 i have to get target as 2nd columns as 20,30,40 how can i?

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what is the custome stage in datastage? how can we impliment that one? plz tell me


what is meant by port ? what is the use of port ? what are the different type of ports and its usage

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Explain the scenarios where sequential file stage runs in parallel?

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I have the following columns in the EMP table Empid,Empname,Sal,month(Sal),year(Sal) and DOB(let us say the dob is 15th-Jan-1981) Desing a job such that the output contains the following empname,year(sal),tot(sal) and current age i.e. whether 18yrs or so on

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Accenture Data Stage Interview Questions

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