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Accenture Business Objects Interview Questions
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How to hide the table s in webi?can any one tell me plzzzzzzzz

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how we improve the performance of report and universe?

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how to solve #multivalue, #syntax, #error. iwant complete solution process in practical wise?

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can anybody tell me about issues faced while creating reports

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Can anybody tell me about issues faced while creating universe. thanks in advance

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can anybody tell me about issues faced while creating reports

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what is document design in boxi,have u participate in that


what r the disadvanges in boxir2

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what is isolated joins in check integrity

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main purpose of aggregate awareness(not include make possible of use of aggregate tables)

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in report level u find from which context u use,why it appears,what is the reason,how u resolve in report level

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disadvantages of boxi

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in universe perameter u dont give the option multiple contexts ,what is the impact in report level

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What is security level in BO ?

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wat is report linking in BO..I know that 2 reports can be linked in BO with the help of writing a HTML code .But how. wat s the code.can u give me the example of code taking e fashion as the simple univers data provider.

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Accenture Business Objects Interview Questions

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