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Accenture CICS Interview Questions
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how to make the entire screen protected. i.e., for example when we design a delete screen before deleting the details we need to popup a screen saying do u wish to delete(Y/N). When this screen appears i want to make the previous screen fields as protected.Please help me with the anser. i need the entire screen to be protected. Thanks in advance

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What is meant by pseudo-conversation?

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How To Retrive The VSAM Datasets in CICS application programs?

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Why is GETMAIN command needed?? Will program not work if we do not give GETMAIN?

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What RCT Entries will you make for a CICS DB2 program??

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How do we pass parameters into a CICS –DB2 program


How can we code a program such that we will never get a MAPFAIL error?

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How many ways to share information between different CICS programs?

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Generally we check EIBALEN = 0 to decide whether first call or not. If I do not pass any value in the COMMAREA then EIBCALEN will be 0 even on second call. Now how can we say the program is called for the first time or second time?

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What will happen if some program tries to process a queue on which an ENQ command has been issued by some other program?


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Accenture CICS Interview Questions

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