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Accenture QTP Interview Questions
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Inserting a Call to Action is not Importing all columns in Datatable of globalsheet. Why?

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what is descriptive programming in QTP? How can be done?

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how to test background color and dynamic images during runtime

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can u put checpoints for moving images

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How to use Regular Expressions in QTP? give an example.

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Tell me the QTP Advantages and Disadvatages ?

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what is TOM in qtp?

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Can we do qtp testing without creating objects in Dbject repository? can we do it completely writing code i.e in expert view only. Are there any books for this?

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how u conduct GUI testing and PERFORMANCE testing on MS- WORD? and What r the GUI Test Cases and performance Test Cases?

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how do check the links in a webpage ?

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how do u retrieve data from a database ? i.e. i want to retrieve 2nd record only from a database ? write code for this. by using ADODB connecton, RSOBJ and using a FOR loop we can retrieve all the records( ex: if we give query as select * from emp). but i want only 2nd record. so how to acheive this.

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What is the difference between "call to action" and "call an existing action"

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Can anybody give the code for ALL DATATABLE METHODS)(ex: datatable.getrowcount, datatable.getsheet etc....) and ALL DATABASE COMMANDS (like .getcelldata, which are used to retrieve data from a database and from a webtable)with examples.

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When u r running a script , if u get a popup window that describing that u have received a mail to your outlook application. so to avoid the interference of the popup window , which recovery scenario(popup,object state,application hang,system crash) would u use ?

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Where is the resultset of a sqlquery (which is fired by sqlquery,xxxx,xxxx) stored ?


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Accenture QTP Interview Questions

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