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Accenture IT Management Interview Questions
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Can you help me what kind of PM interview questions company can ask based on below job description?: *Work with business development, editorial, marketing and other departments as needed to understand and prioritize project requests. *Work with online creative, IT, and development departments to gather and disseminate project requirements. *Maintain weekly web projects production calendar *Assist in the quality assurance process associated with code releases to development, staging and production servers. *Participate in planning meetings for new site initiatives. Document, clarify and articulate requirements and bring thoughts to the discussion. *Distribute reports summarizing project milestones and associated tasks. *Create rough wireframes and functional diagrams for developers using Microsoft Visio. *Work with third party vendors to procure services associated with web development. *Work with our partners to ensure deliverables and associated tasks stay on track. Can you help me what kind of PM question company can ask based on above job description?


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Accenture IT Management Interview Questions

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