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Accenture Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is meant by resource allocation?(asked in interview for test lead)?

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What is the difference between sanity testing and smoke testing

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Can anybody describe what might be the reasons or situations where the developer doesn't accept a bug as a bug , raised by tester ?

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When a bug status will be changed to "DEFERRED" , by the developer ? What might b the situations to change the status to deferred ? pls explain with an example .

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What might be the reasons for changing the status of a bug to " NOT A BUG " ?

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When u r executing a test case an error dialog or window appeared on screen describing some msg . u have to send that dialog/window as an attachment to the developer to let him understand properly abt the error dialog /window. how do u capture that error dialog/window as a snapshot , in manual tesitng ?

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what is the criteria for selecting automation testing ?

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How To Resolve the Test cases?

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what is defect ,error,bug,failure and fault?

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what is the main difference between high and low level design in sdlc

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levels of testing

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what is test initiation? can anybody post the answer. very urgent?

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how The engineer communicates wiht T.L as well as test manager, In wich situation this type of i mean serious commnication takes place(give me one real time example).and how the interaction will takes place between tester and client can anybody plz clatify me.

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What is the exact difference between smoke testing and sanity testing.?

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what is builr release team..?

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Accenture Manual Testing Interview Questions

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