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Accenture Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is scalability testing

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what is cyclomatic complexity? plz explain with example

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What is the difference between the company site and the yahoo site?

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what is a broken link in web testing and how test it.

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1. What is the difference between Build Management and Release Management ? 2.When will conduct build verification and end to end testing?

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what is the difference between pre UAT testing and UAT testing

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Tell me about the best bug you ever found.

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How should your staff be managed? How about your overtime?


which test cases are not to be automated

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how to call a text file

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what is positive and negative testing explian with example?

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what is the most critical bug u have to find in ur project.My application is ERP based,in this purchase module is there.plz tell me the answer?


when u r going to faced difficulty in ur organization?

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plz tell me the V model with complete explanation(not definition)

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There are no requriments, coding is been developed to the project without srs,brs document how u are going to prepare test case?

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Accenture Manual Testing Interview Questions

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