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Accenture WinRunner Interview Questions
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What are the advantages of Global gui over gui map per test mode?

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Is it possible to place a Logical name in a data table and can use that logical name in the script? Tell me with mentioning function names..?

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What is the function of eval function?

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How to get the system date and time in winrunner?

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How to set a value in to a data table from the script in winrunner?

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How do you create a new expected results in winrunner?

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Is 'public' allowed inside of the function declarations?

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You declared a constant in a main test..Later you want tried to reinitialize that constant..what will happened? i.e const i=10; -- --- i=20; what will happen?

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I Loaded a compile module "mycomp()" using Load statement.later I tried to load this same compile module using one more load statement.Then I tried to unload this usning unload statement one time.will it unload the compile module?

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How to know the on which OS and version the application is running through script in winrunner?

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How to Know through script which add-ins are loaded with winrunner?

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How to write a content in to the file..which function did u use for that..?

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How many Record Methods are there in Winrunner?

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Which is the default Record Method for Static Text Object?

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Will TSL supports function overloading and operator overloading?

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Accenture WinRunner Interview Questions

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