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Accenture ETL Interview Questions
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how does the server recongnise the source and target databases.Elaborate on this


In the SEQ generator which property has to be set to generate seq No. when the input data is more than the max limit.

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Where can i get informatica certification Exam dumps and details? please forward it to emailid:

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what are the reports created in mm and sd side using sap bw in a project? name some of them and explain the requirement?


what are the data sources extracted from logistics cockpit in sap bw project and what is the requirement for it ?


in sap bw project at what scenario generic extraction is used and why explain and also tell why you used calendar day option explain?

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I have two tables in two different database, so to join these tables which transformation will be better joiner transformation or lookup transformation?

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Accenture ETL Interview Questions

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