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Accenture Informatica Interview Questions
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How to call stored Procedure from Workflow monitor in Informatica 7.1 version?

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Explain grouped cross tab?

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What are the types of lookup caches?

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What is the approximate size of data warehouse?

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What is the filename which you need to configure in UNIX while installing infromatica?

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for ex: in source 10 records are there with column sal. use a filter transformation condition as Sal=TRUE and connect to target. what will happen.

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Explain about HLD and LLD ?

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how u know when to use a static cache and dynamic cache in lookup transformation.

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whether Sequence generater T/r uses Caches? then what type of Cache it is

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how can u connect client to ur informatica sever iff server is located at different place( not local to the client)

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how can u generate sequence of values in which target has more than 2billion of records.(but with sequence generator u can generate upto 2 biliion only)

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Transformer is a __________ stage option1:Passive 2.Active 3.Dynamic 4.Static

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After we make a folder shared can it be reversed?Why?

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when we go for unconnected lookup transformation? and why?

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why we use source qualifier transformation?

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Accenture Informatica Interview Questions

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