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Accenture Dot Net Framework Interview Questions
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If you are using components in your application, how can you handle exceptions raised in a component ?

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What are the types of assemblies and where can u store them and how ?

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What is shared and private assembly ?

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What is strong name and which tool is used for this ?

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What does assemblyinfo.cs file consists of ?

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About DTS package ?

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How do you register the dotnet component or assembly ?

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How do you do role based security ?

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Where does web.config info stored? Will this be stored in the registry ?

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What is gacutil.exe. Where do we store assemblies ?

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What is reflection?

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I have interview in accenture.I cleared 1st round in techniqual.I have interview with project lead.pls help me.

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I have 2+ years of fake experience,actually i could not answer for project questions..?how can i answer please suggest me..?


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Accenture Dot Net Framework Interview Questions

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