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Accenture DB2 Interview Questions
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What is sqlcode -811?

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DB2 is a A) data base/data communication system B) data base C) RDBMS D) Programming language

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AGGREGATE function support by DB2. A) SUM & AVG B) SUM, MIN & AVG C) SUM, MAX, AVG , MIN &COUNT D) NONE

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how does the defining of a stored procedure effect the size of a DB2 data base A) it increases the size of a data base B) it decreases the size of a data base C) it does not effect the size of the data base D) it changes the table space structures

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what is contained in the DB2 node lock file? A) data base names B) data base users names C) license keys D) server names

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which authority can be granted to group of users using the GRANT stmt? A) SYSCTRL B) SYSADM C) DBCTRL D) DB ADM

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which SQL comment successfully removes uncommitted changes from a DB2 database A) rollback B) delete C) drop D) decommit

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How to get Top 10 Salaries from a Table

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If I have 5 Queries in a DB2 Cobol program , while precompiling how many DBRMs will get created and How many Plans and Packages will get created while Bind Process?

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what is the differences between spufi and qmf and which is better?

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What is a PLAN table? How will you use it? Give the various fields of PLAN table?

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My SQL is not performing well. Describe how will you fine tune it?

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Accenture DB2 Interview Questions

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