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Accenture Cognos Interview Questions
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what is render variable

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what is slowly growing dimension??

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How to limit the cut,copy and paste operations for an user in reportlevel? Can anyone please send me the steps as i am new to cognos?


Explain the workflow of your current project from end to end?what is the steps?

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In one of my report i have one data item sales_amount. If this report is run by one user from india so the sales_amount should be display in indian repees(Rs.) format, if USA user then in dollers($), if UK user then In Pounds.Hou can i achive this? Please answer me.

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What is the size of database for you project?


we have a list of 80,000 records, i would like to display in excel sheet but excel sheet has capacity of 60000 record.. how you going to display?

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New coloums are added in database, then how you know in report level


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Accenture Cognos Interview Questions

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