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Accenture SAP AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi Can some one enlighten me about Remedy ticketing tool used for SAP Support. I am interested to know the work flow. ie how ticket is logged, how it is communicated to the concerned consultant, how link is established between user and consultant, what are the reports available etc.

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What is Matrix


1. what are the steps for gathering requirements in business blue print? 2. if we doesnt meet user requirements in a standard universe then what will we do? give me a scenario for developing a universe based on standard universe? 3.give me some standard universes which u have worked earlier? 4.give me some classes, objects which u have worked so far? u have ever created custom classes, objects? give me scenario? 6.have u ever exported the universe? y u have exported give me a scenario for exporting ? 7.which s prefferable for reporting either Webi or CR? give me a scenario for each one at what time u gone to webi and CR? can we schedule the reports daily, weekly, monthly ? 9.give me a scenario for LOV , slice & dice, drill, cross tab, variables, breaks, alerters, ranking? 10. what are roles in ur current project? 11. give me a senario for creating xcelcius?


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Accenture SAP AllOther Interview Questions

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