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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions
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What you did in BDC?

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Difference Between domain and data element?

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what is Delivery? In which tables delivery data will be stored?

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Is it possible to write code in LSMW if so when will you write?

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what is the way to find out user exits?

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what is message type?

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what is the way to precide search helps in POV?

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use of chain and endchain?

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what is the procedure for direct I/P method?

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What is the Procedure for BDC?

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how to debug user exits?

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what is the status code when IDOC is created?

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what are parameters of DDCinsert fun module ?

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tell me about status codes?

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Brief scenario of check table / value table?

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Accenture SAP ABAP Interview Questions

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