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Accenture JCL Interview Questions
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What does the TIME parameter signify ? What does TIME=1440 mean ?

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What is the difference between IEBGENER, IEBCOPY and REPRO in IDCAMS utility?

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How to execute 300 steps in a Job?

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is it possible to submitt more than one job in job card in jcl? and if yes than is it necessary to have the jobs same name?

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if we have a job consist of two steps and each step calling a proc having 10 steps each then how many steps are counted only 2 or 22(10+10+1+1)? can we have more than 255 steps in a single job?

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can we have more than one job in a single job card that is we are specifying only one 'job' statement in the jcl.

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I have a PDS and want to omit few rows of all members of a PDS. How to do it?

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what is full form of AIX

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what type of version is we r using now real time in all modules(cobol, jcl, cics, db2, vsam)?

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What type of versions we r using in mainframe (jcl, cobol, db2, vsam, cics)?

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which are the parameters mandatory in job card ?

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Do we need to code DCB parameters when using DISP position as MOD?

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Accenture JCL Interview Questions

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