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Accenture Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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What are the main key components in Web applications and client and Server applications? (differences)

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What is the technical reviews and reviews?

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Daily howmany bugs will you find and what types are they?

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In what basis you will write test cases?

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If the client identified some bugs to whom did he reported?

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what are the main bugs which were identified by you and in that how many are considered as real bugs?

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What is the formal technical review?

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Will you write a test plan in all phases?

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Actually how many positive and negetive testcases will write for a module?

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Overall what percentage of positive and negetive testcases would you write?

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Explain me about test scenarios? How will you write it?

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what is test log? tell the process?

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what is SEI?

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When to Stop Testing?

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A testing process that exercises a software system's coexistence with others by taking multiple integrated systems that have passed system testing as input and tests their required interactions.

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Accenture Testing AllOther Interview Questions

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