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Accenture Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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Can anyone tell me why in some tables in AR , AP, GL modules they r using int_all after every table

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how to find out one organization using multi-org or single org?

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What is Cross Journal?

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whichever documents prepaired by the FUNCTIONAL CONSULTANT while implementing project by using AIM.

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what is internal retairment?

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Hi Friends!! I've completed my MBA in Finance and Systems and currently working in a Staffing firm. Recently I've joined in Oracle Apps training institute and can anyone let me know whether there are any chances of getting a job as a fresher. Please help me!!

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what is orchitecture of oracle apps 11i and R12 ?

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Is the multiple SOB architecture (MSOBA)supported in 11i ?

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Can i assign a supplier type of bank account to more than one supplier ?

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How many key flexfield in Receivables ?

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Let me know to Support projects life cycles details?

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What is receipt class & receipt source pls let me know

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When we run the translation we can give only one rate type, then how can we run it for two different exchange rates?

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how to load ap invoice from legacy to our system and should show the paid invoice as paid and un paid as unpaid

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Can any tell me about R2R FINANCIAL PROCESS?

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Accenture Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions

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