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Accenture SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions
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What are the steps involved in creating a pricing procedure?

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How do you create movement types? What are the steps involved? When will you recommend a new movement type?

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What is the difference between a contract and a scheduling agreement?

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What is a reference purchase organization? When can it be used?

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What are the configuration are client specific in mm ?

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Can anyone discribe the batch management process?

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How is a shelf-life item managed in SAP? What is the full cycle?

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What is meant by a credit memo?

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I have complited my training course in SAP MM, but company are asking for real time experience, can you tell me who give realtime exp. at bangalore. i want to switch over SAP line and i got 15 years of exp. in domain knowledge, please give your Suggestion. emai to, ph: 0-9880761979

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What is the difference between BSX and BSA

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1)wht is the diff between partner function and partner type? 2)wht is the use of account modifier in automatic account determination? 3)in stock detrmination.wht is header table and item table? 4)whr in inforecord you can see the quantum price?

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I have two plants one is in india and another one is uk,both plants are have same vendor,and same purchase can maintain different caleculation schema for both plants?

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In release procedure in purchase requisation,i have two strategies in p.r, SRATEGY 1:P.R value is 0-10000, STRTEGY 2:P.R value is 9000-20000. if your P.R value is 9500 which srategy is taken in P.R.

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What are the phases in implmentation and in which phases you have don for testig

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What is Batch management

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Accenture SAP MM (Material Management) Interview Questions

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