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Accenture Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is stub and driver in integration testing ? Explain with example.

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what is be bugging ?

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what is prototype testing?

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How you will test pen

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what is Defect Containtment?

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have u involved in reviws ? wt type reviews u done?

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What is the main difference between SDLC & V-MODEL. In the interview,wht exact difference,i should tell for an interveiwer

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Which one of the project team members bears the responsibility of deferring new functionality to a later release?

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What is Client Server/Web Server Configuration(ISS).

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What is meant by back-end testing?

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wirte the test cases for triangle

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How was the regression testing done in your project what was the contribution of the regression test effort for the whole quality improvement?

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what is the formal technical review

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How many Test Cases can u write for the Login Page Scenario?

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what is deferred in defect life cycle

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Accenture Manual Testing Interview Questions

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