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Accenture Core Java Interview Questions
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What is garbage collection in Java, and how can it be used ?

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How can final class be used?

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Explain final, finalize() and finally?

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What is inheritance?

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What is static variable and static method?

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What is meant by throwing an Exception?

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Which Math method is used to calculate the absolute value of a number?

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What is the exact difference in between Unicast and Multicast object ?

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What do u mean by wrapper Class? What do u mean by Jvm... How do u change JVM for other OS? Or No need to Change ...? its like tricky

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In Inheritence concept, i have a static method in super class and i am inheriting that class to one sub that case the static method is inherited to sub class or not????

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what are the oops concept in java explain with real time examples

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what are the new features available in java 1.5 version?

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Difference between local and global transaction ?

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Difference between overloading and Overriding. (also asked in PA Consultancy Group,iflex,Value chain,IBM,CTS,Accenture, Tarang>

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what is features of jdk 1.5?

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Accenture Core Java Interview Questions

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