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Accenture Load Runner Interview Questions
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What is a scenario?

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There is a scenario like there is one gateway and four application servers.While recording the script for a business function the server address is of gateway. but the gateway route the request to one of these servers.In recording might be request went to server A but it can not be everytime.sometime the request will go to other servers too.How to handle this scenario in preparing the scripts? how to identify tht to which server request went?

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How do u do monitoring ?

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What is memory do u find that?

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on what monitoring tools have u worked on?

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unexpectedly in analysis when i generated the report think time is added to response to remove the thinktime from the report?

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What is the importance of ordinance ?

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What is the performance testing approach ?

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How many values can be generating in script we can Parameterize even it is in one scenario 1000Parameterization values are there it is correct to Parameterized?or not?

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I am from bangalore, Can any one of suggest which is the best institute for performance testing using Loadrunner? great if you provide near Marthahalli or belandure or outer ring road or KR puram?

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Explain about 90th percentile?

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different types of performance testing

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Accenture Load Runner Interview Questions

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