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what is prototype testing?

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what is prototype testing?..

Answer / paresh

Prototyping Means "Ask & Do" instade of devloping
actual s/w;its working model is created by using paper &
pencil...once it is done,cutomer go thruough it & suggests
if any change or modification is required....& accordingly
one has to make changes in it & again go back 2 the cust to
satisfy him.

Its main purpose is to overcome the drawback of WaterFall

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what is prototype testing?..

Answer / syam prasad

Prototype is a roughly and rapidly developed model which is
used for demonstrating to the custmor in order to gader
clear requirements and also to win the confidence of the
custmor. If we perform testing on this dummy model then it
is called as prototype testing.

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what is prototype testing?..

Answer / mercy

Prototype testing: This helps you at an early stage of
development to find out whether a product meets
requirements and user's expecttions. This is to find out
design errors at an early stage when the functionalities
are not yet implemented at or all or completely. Testing is
done on the prototype of the product. The purpose of this
is to identify particular areas of the UI that poses
problem to the user and subsequently provide design
solutins eliminating these problems.

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