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is smoke testing is perform before realease Product

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is smoke testing is perform before realease Product..

Answer / rajendra prasad reddy

Normally Smoke test will be conducted by Testing team
before accepting a build for testing.

This build is internal to development company,not to client.

here one thing is very important to know, that is

Releases are two types:

1.Internal Release
2.External release

Internal release means for testing team
External release means for client or end user.

Normally for products before delivery company will conduct
two types of product based pre-release tests

They are
1. Alpha Testing
2. Beeta Testing

Alpha testing is conducted by the inhouse people in end
user perspective in a simulated real user environemnt.

Beta testing will be conducted by the end users in real
operational environment.

Real time example for this Beta-testing is:

Windows operating system - product of microsoft

Before releaseing to market company will release beeta
version of the Windows O.S to users

The users are allowed to post comments on the beeta Windows

If these comments are reasonable Microsoft will modify the
O.S according to users comments.

User may give
1.Suggestions to improve Product features to make more
2.User may find bugs in live testing enviornment
3.Usre may suggest some usability features..etc

Smoke test will be conduted for internal release and not
for external release.

I think with my explanation u will be clear

if u have still any doubt please contact me or mail me


Rajendra Prasad Reddy

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is smoke testing is perform before realease Product..

Answer / naveen s chandel

wen a build is received apart of test cases is run to
ascertain, if the build is staable and it can be considered
for further testing
1.somke testing is done for testing the stabilty of any
interim build
2.executed for plateform qualification tests
3. Done on the initial stage

Sanity Testing is done at later stage , which is subset of
regression testing

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is smoke testing is perform before realease Product..

Answer / deepa

Yes, Smoke test will done before product release. Smoke
test is done by testers, it ensures that product is not
breaking before going to release and smoke test tests the
basic functinality of entire application

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is smoke testing is perform before realease Product..

Answer / dheeraj shandialya [mindfire

Smoke testing is also known as onfidence testing.
Smoke testing is testing whole system or whole application
at a time but not in depth.
It is done not only at the time of release but also before
that on regular basis periodically.
At the start of the day smoke testing is done to check that
whether the application is ready for further detailed
testing or not.
At the end of the day smoke testing is done to check the
confidence in application that it works well.

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