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HCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Why the suply frequency in INDIA is 50HZ

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Why the suply frequency in INDIA is 50HZ

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gd eve frndz my qstn is how convert sound energy to electrical energy

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why in an industry; machine having rated 200 h.p stopped after power factor is maintained above 0.97 lag by control panel in view-of energy saving


why the rotor is outside in case of ceiling fan?

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it says in neutral wire current flows under normal condition, but when we put tester it wont glow, why?

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how to get more than 1000 ohms between 2 earth pits ?

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what is the difference between earthing and grounding of electric circuits

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3,12,24,33,_ ,75,150 Find the missed number in this sequence

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Which. Type of motor used in. Fan

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How to maintain ac plant?


What is the difference between MCCB,ELCB,RCB & MCB

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What is DC power factor??

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What is farmula to calculate Diesel cunsumption as par KVA.

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how was your last weekend.


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HCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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