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HCL TCP IP Interview Questions
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Give 4 examples which belongs application layer in TCP/IP architecture?

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What is the purpose of the inverse domain?

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EXplain how the TCP/IP suite addresses application support


what is folder sharing? Explain hidden sharing and open sharanig How can i assign that?

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Can any one help how to capture fragmented(either TCP or UDP) packets using tcpdump?

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Explain atleast four differences between OSI & TCP?IP model?

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sir how i can brek my network which my server authenticated has locked and i am anable to work

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What is the Role of TCP/IP in data transmission from source to destination explain it with an example

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4 bits are used for packet sequence number in a sliding window protocol used in comp network what is the maximum window size ? explain it details

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how to configure exchange user account in thunderbird at windows xp

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What is the Round Robin feature in DNS

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how does the connectivity of rails?

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how does the user connectivity of network?

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How to form loop in Rip?and how to avoid the loop?

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what is the purpose of TCP ?

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HCL TCP IP Interview Questions

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