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HCL Tcl Interview Questions
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How to Swap 30 & 40 in IP address using TCL script?

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1.What are the different ways to initialize a variable. How to differentiate global and local variables, explain it through a simple tcl program. 2.Create a list of week days and print the first and last character of each day using foreach command 3.Can you write a small program to verify the given input is file or directory.Before checking, just ensure that the file/dir exists or not in the given path. If the given input is a file, findout the size and verify that the file has all read ,write and execute permission.

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How to get the next ip for given ip ex: -> ex: ->

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write a program to the given ip is valid private address or not(

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{Anu Anudeep Anukumar Amar Amaravathi Aruna} is their any possibility to find the letter "a"in the given list? if yes how?

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HCL Tcl Interview Questions

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