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HCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is parellel power factor correction?

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How to write a progrramme to turn ON and turn OFF a motor with a single push button in AB?

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Explain working of PIU(Power Interface Unit) in Telecommunication,

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Brief me about maintenance planning & sheduling of machine tool.


electricity board have asked me what size meter i need fitted in my garage, its a 415volt supply and i want to run six 20amp supplies tolifts and things plus ten florry lights , what kva meter do i need??

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resistance of transformer oil=?

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we convert 66kv to 33kv then 33kv to 11kv,11kv to 440v.why not we convert directly from 66kv to440v?

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why open circuit test is conducted on hv side and short circuit test is conducted on lv side of a transformer ?what is the reason for it ?

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What is full form of ELECTRICAL?

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what is the value of the earth resistance in mositure place

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if u give d.c. supply to transformer primary then what happen.&why??????????????

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What are the functions of temperature scanner in power transformer?


What are the difference between off-load tap changer and on-load tap changer in transformer?

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what is cogging? how it can be controlled?

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What is electrical charger?

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HCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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