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HCL IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions
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Can we use OVRDBF command without using of OPNQRYF ? Or can we use OPNQRYF command without using of OVRDBF command ?

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Which is better LF or OPNQRYF ? When should we use LF and when should we use OPNQRYF ?

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what is multijoin logical file? what are the keywords available in joinlogical file? what are the mandatary keywords for joinlogical file? explai the keywords?

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can anybody give the interview questions list of RLU. plz mail me:


what is code for reading member in rpgle when wehave like extmbr(*all) so we have 3 members in *all then i want to read first record in 2member

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For AS/400 Freshers good website is

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Can anyone answer me when we will go for LF without key fields

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What is the purpose of PR and PI in calling program and called program? in Called program PR is compulsory?

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HCL IBM AS400 AllOther Interview Questions

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