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HCL APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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The greatest social reformer in Andhra desh was (a) Gurajada (b) Viresalingam (c) Vivekanand (d) T. Prakasam

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. The Allahabad Pillar Inscription is an important source of information about the reign of (1) Ashoka (2) Chandragupta II (3) Kanishka (4) Samudragupta

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. The largest lake in India is (1) Wular (2) Sambhar (3) Chilka (4) Dal

13 19690

. The Supreme court originally consisted of a Chief Justice of India and not more than (1) 7 other judges (2) 14 other judges (3) 18 other judges (4) 17 other judges

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hi can i download group 2 study material on net or is there any site the above mentionred info available

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HCL APPSC AllOther Interview Questions

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