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HCL Networking Administration Interview Questions
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what is different between instalation and configuration?

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what special aspects of your work experience have prepared you for this jobs? can you describe for me one or two of your most important accomplishments? how much supervision have you typically received in your previous job?


How do you manage multiple concurrent high level projects?


Difference between layer 2 and layer 3 devices ?

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What is RAID 1 ?

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how can you configure router

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what is L1 and L2 support

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How to telnet customer router from cisco MPLS 7200 router ? tell me the commands?

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What is mean by MAC ?

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what is diffrance between NAT & PAT

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Suppose a Router contain one First Ethernet port(F0/0) and two serial port(i.e S1/0,S1/1) and we want to assign IP address of Class A to all the ports. Let the IP address for F0/0 is and for S1/0 and for S1/1, is it correct ? after that can we configure the router using the routring Protocol 'IGRP ' ?

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What is the BOOT P protocol used for, where might you find it in windows network infrastructure?

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what is troubleshooting ?

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Please list the types of Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Servers, you manage?

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what is the main difference b/w standard and extended ACL

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HCL Networking Administration Interview Questions

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