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HCL USA Dependent Visa H4 Visa Interview Questions
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Why did you not leave with your husband? (OR) Why are you coming today for visa when you got married so and so date? (OR) Why did you not come with your husband for interview?


Hi, i am priyanka, we got married on 5th may, husband is working for mnc hcl in noida, now he is working in us for a project from last one month(21/05/11). i am a house wife and i am compleatly dependent on him, thats why i am thinking to go there. so please suggest me which type of questions will be asked to me in my visa interview.


Hi, I have B1 Visa from my employer and it is valid till 2017, just recently i have got my H4 visa from my wife's employer. If i travel to US with H4 visa will my B1 visa w remain valid? Please explain.


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HCL USA Dependent Visa H4 Visa Interview Questions

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