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HCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is mean by powerfactor. What is the difference between leading and lagging power factor?

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what is stper motor.what is its uses

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How to calculate the Meter constant for the given Meter (by using any formula)

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resistance switching is used in case of- ? a. air blast CB b. bulk oil CB c. minimum oil CB d. all types of CB

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WhY PF low at Time of PT Missing in HT Meter

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When One Phase PT Missing (voltage drop ) this time current is zero of This phase(PT Missing Phase) and current is Not Zero of other Phase but PF is always Low That Why


I have 725KVA DG set how to Calculate the Ratio of KWH? Whatb is the Formila

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The potential difference between a phase and neutral is 230v , but the potential difference between two phases is 400v. why?

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where we use stardelta starter and dol starter

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Can 4pole (3 phase+neautral )RCCB proper functioning in only 3 phase load (no neautral, no Earth) ?


how choose conductor &caple&wire depending upon the load

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how choose conductor&depending upon load


how is choose &depending upon the load why?

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FRIENDS, I am doing DEEE (part time)final year. Give me some ideas for project

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Difference between UPS and Inverter?

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HCL Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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