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HCL JCL Interview Questions
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My JCL have five steps & I created new versions of GDG in first step through fourth step & fifth step I was refered Step one GDG version. My JCL got abend at 4th step and how I can restart my JCL Please let me know the answers. //STEP1 EXEC GDG1(+1) DISP=(NEW) //STEP2 EXEC GDG1(+2) DISP=(NEW) //STEP3 EXEC GDG1(+3) DISP=(NEW) //STEP4 EXEC GDG1(+4) DISP=(NEW) //STEP5 EXEC GDG1(+1) DISP=(OLD)

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My requirement is : How to populate a empty PS/flat file with ONLY spaces in the first line. You should not use any input dataset to do this. I'm not sure whether you may use any utility for this purpose?

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why do we use file-aid wht r the adv of using file-aid thn in ispf

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JCL Example: // //RUNJCL JOB CLASS=5,MSGCLASS=6,NOTIFY=&SYSUID //STEP01 EXEC PGM=IEFBR14 // .. .. If this JCL will run or it'll throw the ERROR?

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Can we change the LIMIT of GDG?

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how to increase the space of a dataset in instream procedure.

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what happens when time=0 is given in jcl code. what happens when blksize=0 is given in jcl code. what is symbolic and overriding parameters and a example program.

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can anyone explain me about sort in jcl with inrec and outrec ?

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in production region 100 steps are running,but i need to run only step5 without changing code how can i do it?

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I have four steps in jcl they are STEP1,STEP2,STEP3 and STEP4. Can it possible to run the reverse order like step4 first then step3,step2,step1?

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HCL JCL Interview Questions

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