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HCL Selenium Interview Questions
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difference between Implicit Wait and Explicit Wait with syntax.?

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what are the Dynamic elements in web Application?

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difference between Close() and Quit()?

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How do you handle Alerts and Pop Ups?

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How do you handle Multiple windows in your application?

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How do you get all the values from Drop Down list?

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How do you get data from Web Table?

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How do you find element using Java Script?

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List of Exceptions may occur in selenium?

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How do you Upload or Download a File in Web Application?

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What is the difference between TESTNG and JUNIT? List out Annotations?

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How do you Skip Test Case from execution?

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Difference between @findByMethod and @findelement?

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What is the build Tool you have used in your project?

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How do you attach File on a page?

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HCL Selenium Interview Questions

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